Sunday, 3 May 2015

Majestic Cruise of the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands have been on my travel list for well over a decade, but every time I looked into the trip it always seemed so complicated. Unless you have a ton of money or a few months to spend, it is difficult to organise, as boats do not sail everyday so you could be stuck on some islands for days.

Me and hubby
So it was the last place I expected to go on my Babymoon - which coincidentally was also our honeymoon! To explain: we got married in Italy on the Alps in January 2014 and decided to hold off on our honeymoon until later in the year … later that year we were expecting a baby!

We chose a cruise for a number of reasons, the first was the itinerary, the second was the ease of travel and the third was the great price. We didn't have to worry about strange food to avoid while pregnant, or having to hire a car or spend ages finding our accommodation, a restaurant, etc - a cruise was stress free and easy. Perfect for a Babymoon.

I was 18 weeks pregnant when we embarked on our voyage, I still had plenty of energy and barely looked pregnant (just plump!). This was not an adventure trip, no crazy activities, this was a relaxing, romantic and luxury holiday.

We flew from Belfast to Corfu and met the Thomas Majesty Cruise Ship, the whole package was perfectly organised. We had one full day of cruising out of ten, the rest of the days the ship docked at various locations. I never slept so much in my life! We also ate a lot, listened to smooth music, read and perused the islands at a leisurely pace.

A cruise holiday also gives you the chance to really get dolled up for the formal evenings, which are fun if you get into the right spirit. The Thomas Cruise did not have as much variety or quality entertainment than a Royal Caribbean but it was perfect for our laid back journey.

The ship stopped off at:
Mykonos - idyllic, whitewashed buildings, stunning island
Kusadasi - If you want a bargain and like to haggle this is your place (not my cup of tea)
Athens - Where civilisation began, Acropolis, Hadrians Arc, Temple of Zeus - I love this city!
Monemvasia - A jewel in the ocean. Old town is built inside a walled fortress clinging onto a cliff. 
Such a romantic and unique location - my favourite spot.

Kataklon - Olympia the home to the Olympic Games, not quite as impressive as you would expect, but pretty spectacular all the same!
Corfu - The party island, but we did not party. We did some sightseeing, got some pampering and dined on some moussaka.

I highly recommend a cruise for a honeymoon or babymoon.
Where did you go, was it amazing?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, Fiona! You covered a lot of ground on your cruise to the Greek Islands. I enjoy cruises--I've been on three so far. I love how there's always something to do and explore on the ship, and the whole idea of setting out to sea is romantic!


  2. Yes we covered a lot of ground, but at a very leisurely pace! Yes I agree, we loved watching the sun set on deck or even setting off from a port in the evening/ night. If you want to mix relaxation with some sightseeing, it is the only way to go! Love your website, some great tips and destinations.

  3. oo that looks so nice and I love the pics you look so relaxed. What a lovely idea. #MaternityMondays

    1. It was so relaxing - take me back please! A holiday is always a good idea though!

  4. Looks gorgeous! Many, many years ago (1990 actually!) we were staying on mainland Greece and took a one day excursion around Aegina, Poros and Hydra. They were beautiful and I always wanted to go back to see them at leisure. Still haven't got around to it but maybe soon!