Sunday, 22 February 2015

12 things to do in the First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy can be the most agonising, as you wait to get to the “magical” 12 week stage. Although getting past the first trimester will not mean you are safe from any issues arising it is a good indicator.

If you find out early that you are pregnant, you could be looking at the next eight weeks wondering what the hell you should do - but have no fear. After being, there, doing that and getting a baby - I have some ideas.

1. Confirm your pregnancy
I would advice going to see your GP at the 6-8 week mark. Sooner than that and your chemist bought pregnancy test is just as accurate. All the doctor will really do is confirm your pregnancy as this stage. But if you have any concerns voice them now.

2. Start taking Folic Acid
If you have not been taking them already (you should have - I didn’t) start popping them as soon as you see the positive blue lines. I would also recommend a good prenatal vitamin, it helped me to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy and you need all the help you can get!

3. Private or Public
In Ireland you need to decide whether you want private or public health care for your maternity. Public health care is free and I can vouch that it worked perfectly for us. But private care may provide more scans or a plan better suited to you, so check it out now.

4. Quit smoking
I think once you start reading about the effects of smoking on your unborn baby, you will find the willpower.

5. Stop drinking alcohol
The professional advice differs daily on this one, I think a glass of wine every now and again would be fine, but I found that I just didn't want any alcohol when I was pregnant.

6. Cut down on caffeine
If you drink a lot (more than 3 cups) of tea or coffee a day it makes sense to cut down, try a herbal tea or even better start drinking more water.

7. Avoid hazardous foods
Again this list can change regularly, but try to keep them in mind and be sensible. When I was
pregnant the advice was no tuna - I love tuna so I limited it to once a week. Also do try to make healthier choices, cut back on take aways and read food labels (when you are not falling asleep in the supermarket!)

8. Sign up to loads of baby websites
You can  get offers and discounts on items and week by week updates on the baby and your development. Try these. And buy baby books.

9. Maternity Rights
If you are working, look into the type of cover, time off and plan your workplace has for soon to be moms.

10. Baby names and baby clothes
Don’t make any quick decisions, but start to look at names and discuss them. Although you feel the need to start buying loads of cute baby clothes, hold off until later in your pregnancy, maybe buy one of two items to cuddle!

11. Take care of yourself
Seriously, we all live hectic lives. When your body is tired listen to it. Rest, relax, try to avoid stress and maybe take your life out of the fast lane and enjoy a Sunday drive - for you and your baby.

Yes I was snapped taking a nap - one of many!
12. Baby news
Plan how you are going to let your family, friends and the whole world know that you are growing your own little bundle of joy - so exciting!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The First 12 Weeks

The first trimester of my pregnancy was the most exciting, exhausting and longest part of growing my baby!

Once you have got over the initial shock, then the madness begins, all the questions come rushing at once, you don’t know what to do or where to start!

Obviously I took to Google (as we all do - this is probably how you found this post!) and I asked my million questions and signed up to LOADS of websites that provide week by week updates. Try out Babycentre, Mummypages, thebump, eumom and what to expect.Then I went and ordered pregnancy and baby books - just so I could try and stay ahead of the game and be prepared for what to expect!
The first trimester for most women is unfortunately filled with vomit, the thoughts of vomiting, trying not to vomit and cleaning up vomit.
I thank every God, that I did not get any morning sickness, but don’t click off with annoyance I did suffer later on in my pregnancy!
Although I didn't have any sickness, I did feel unwell for the first few weeks, and shortly after finding out I was pregnant I came down with a horrible flu and sinus infection. It was beyond miserable as I couldn't take any medication only hot water, lemon and one measly paracetamol - which was obviously useless. Despite recommendations I had to use vicks vapour rub and to help me recover.

Exhaustion was the biggie for me, I lacked any motivation to do anything. I quit my spinning and kettlebell classes, I didn’t want to walk, I didn’t want to clean or cook or do anything really only rest!
If you think you have control over your emotions, well prepare to let go of the leash! I am not one to cry and I would think of myself as “strong” emotionally but the first trimester is when I realised those pesky hormones had taken over my body. You will cry for no reason, for some silly reasons and you become a little irrational - warn your partner/ friends/ family now!

No bump yet!

One strange unexplained thing that occurred during the first few weeks for me, was my body temperature gauge broke. I was freezing, I just couldn’t get my back warm. I sat on the stove, I slept and rested with a hot water bottle, but there was no shaking it. I was a cold stone. I did ask the doctor and he said most women feel warmer at this time, but it was nothing to worry about and it disappeared after 12 weeks.
Beauty regime, if you regularly get waxed be in eyebrows, bikini, legs or underarms, be warned, it will hurt A LOT more. If you use a regular beautician she may know you are pregnant as you will go redder than usual. I usually get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted (they are naturally blond) and in the first trimester the dye pigment just washed off the day after the treatment!
Discharge - be prepared and get used to this one. Yes you will go nine months without your period, but it won’t be all rosy down there!!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Ultimate Test - two thin blue lines

*** This post relates to March 2014 ***

You may have asked yourself a few times in your life, or this could be the very first time you say out loud in your mind “Am I Pregnant?”
Depending on where you are, your state of mind and age this question can leave you excited, confused or fearful. For many, despite maybe wanting a baby, it can still leave you with all these feelings.

So what are the early pregnancy symptoms?
Cramps, increased discharge, boobs feeling sore and or heavy, feeling tired, feeling sick or getting sick,feeling faint, back pain, thrush,spotting and a missed period.

Everyone is different, but for me I felt terrible, not quite sick, not quite in pain but terrible all the same, something was wrong. The only thing I could think of was a yeast infection, I do have an intolerance to yeast and had been having a jolly time with bread in the weeks previous! So for the first few days I took no notice.

Two days before my period was due, I started to get slightly suspicious. I had no pain, no twinge, not even a breakout, but I still did not feel well. On the day I was due my period I got thrush. I had never had thrush, so I knew something was up. I bought two pregnancy tests (I heard one could be inaccurate) and waited for a few days, my boobs started to feel heavy and sore and so I did start to believe I could be pregnant.

I woke up on a Saturday morning and went to take the test. I had told my husband about my suspicions but he was pretty convinced I wasn't pregnant. As soon as I took the test out of the package, I knew I was pregnant. Don’t ask how or why, I just knew.

I told my hubby, it was going say positive, “How sure are you?” he asked as we brushed our teeth.
“I’m 85%” I replied, and he looked shocked. 3 mins later I turned the stick over and there it was two thin blue lines that would forever change our lives. I didn't need to take another test, I knew it was correct.

The confirmation ... I was pregnant!

How did I feel? Happy I was right, happy there wasn't something else wrong with me, excited, scared, frightened, confused and dazed.
I am sure my husband felt most of these as well, but I think the main feeling for him was surprise! We were delighted, but also shocked we got pregnant so quick.

I knew straight away that I didn’t want to tell anyone I was pregnant, I can be quite a negative/ realistic person, so I was scared of something happening before 12 weeks. My mother and mother in law are worriers so I didn’t want to give them anything to worry about, just yet! I made my hubby swear not to tell (he isn’t good with secrets) and we tried to get on with our lives.

It is so difficult to go through your life knowing something so big, pretending to listen while you dream, pretending to be normal when there is a baby growing inside of you!!

But we did get to 12 weeks with just one or two leaks and for us it was worth it.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Back in the game

I have returned, back with a vengeance and a little difference!

After being MIA from the blog world for over 12 months, I have decided to return and I aim to blog at least once a week.

So 2014 was a really hectic year, I got married in a Winter Wonderland Wedding in Courmayeur, Italy on January 11 and a few months later I was delighted to discover I was pregnant.
Most of the year was spent preparing for our first born, and we were still caught on the hop when she arrived five weeks early on October 7!

Almost four months on, life has certainly changed, but I am still me (despite the bags under the eyes, the puke stained top and a new found love for chocolate) and in an effort to remind myself that some of the old me still exists, I want to return to what I love - writing.

2014 - Wedding, pregnant, baby born, and sitting pretty at 3 months old!

To my surprise, I have received so much correspondence from readers over the past 12 months, people commenting and liking my older posts, some asking questions and advice on travel in Ireland and abroad and quite a few requesting I return to the blog world.

Thank you for all the support, as my life has changed somewhat, my posts will reflect that change, so I hope that my loyal readers and the new ones too will enjoy them.

There will be some baby talk, thrown in amongst travel, adventure, lifestyle and current issues as well as random musings!

I hope to bring some changes to the blog in regards style and hope that you all will enjoy this new journey. As always leave a comment, share, like or contact me directly.

The Seeking Adventure bus is back - hop on board! 

It is good to be back, here is to an exciting 2015! What would you like me to post about?

Much love,
FiFi xxx