Sunday, 22 February 2015

12 things to do in the First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy can be the most agonising, as you wait to get to the “magical” 12 week stage. Although getting past the first trimester will not mean you are safe from any issues arising it is a good indicator.

If you find out early that you are pregnant, you could be looking at the next eight weeks wondering what the hell you should do - but have no fear. After being, there, doing that and getting a baby - I have some ideas.

1. Confirm your pregnancy
I would advice going to see your GP at the 6-8 week mark. Sooner than that and your chemist bought pregnancy test is just as accurate. All the doctor will really do is confirm your pregnancy as this stage. But if you have any concerns voice them now.

2. Start taking Folic Acid
If you have not been taking them already (you should have - I didn’t) start popping them as soon as you see the positive blue lines. I would also recommend a good prenatal vitamin, it helped me to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy and you need all the help you can get!

3. Private or Public
In Ireland you need to decide whether you want private or public health care for your maternity. Public health care is free and I can vouch that it worked perfectly for us. But private care may provide more scans or a plan better suited to you, so check it out now.

4. Quit smoking
I think once you start reading about the effects of smoking on your unborn baby, you will find the willpower.

5. Stop drinking alcohol
The professional advice differs daily on this one, I think a glass of wine every now and again would be fine, but I found that I just didn't want any alcohol when I was pregnant.

6. Cut down on caffeine
If you drink a lot (more than 3 cups) of tea or coffee a day it makes sense to cut down, try a herbal tea or even better start drinking more water.

7. Avoid hazardous foods
Again this list can change regularly, but try to keep them in mind and be sensible. When I was
pregnant the advice was no tuna - I love tuna so I limited it to once a week. Also do try to make healthier choices, cut back on take aways and read food labels (when you are not falling asleep in the supermarket!)

8. Sign up to loads of baby websites
You can  get offers and discounts on items and week by week updates on the baby and your development. Try these. And buy baby books.

9. Maternity Rights
If you are working, look into the type of cover, time off and plan your workplace has for soon to be moms.

10. Baby names and baby clothes
Don’t make any quick decisions, but start to look at names and discuss them. Although you feel the need to start buying loads of cute baby clothes, hold off until later in your pregnancy, maybe buy one of two items to cuddle!

11. Take care of yourself
Seriously, we all live hectic lives. When your body is tired listen to it. Rest, relax, try to avoid stress and maybe take your life out of the fast lane and enjoy a Sunday drive - for you and your baby.

Yes I was snapped taking a nap - one of many!
12. Baby news
Plan how you are going to let your family, friends and the whole world know that you are growing your own little bundle of joy - so exciting!

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