Sunday, 15 February 2015

The First 12 Weeks

The first trimester of my pregnancy was the most exciting, exhausting and longest part of growing my baby!

Once you have got over the initial shock, then the madness begins, all the questions come rushing at once, you don’t know what to do or where to start!

Obviously I took to Google (as we all do - this is probably how you found this post!) and I asked my million questions and signed up to LOADS of websites that provide week by week updates. Try out Babycentre, Mummypages, thebump, eumom and what to expect.Then I went and ordered pregnancy and baby books - just so I could try and stay ahead of the game and be prepared for what to expect!
The first trimester for most women is unfortunately filled with vomit, the thoughts of vomiting, trying not to vomit and cleaning up vomit.
I thank every God, that I did not get any morning sickness, but don’t click off with annoyance I did suffer later on in my pregnancy!
Although I didn't have any sickness, I did feel unwell for the first few weeks, and shortly after finding out I was pregnant I came down with a horrible flu and sinus infection. It was beyond miserable as I couldn't take any medication only hot water, lemon and one measly paracetamol - which was obviously useless. Despite recommendations I had to use vicks vapour rub and to help me recover.

Exhaustion was the biggie for me, I lacked any motivation to do anything. I quit my spinning and kettlebell classes, I didn’t want to walk, I didn’t want to clean or cook or do anything really only rest!
If you think you have control over your emotions, well prepare to let go of the leash! I am not one to cry and I would think of myself as “strong” emotionally but the first trimester is when I realised those pesky hormones had taken over my body. You will cry for no reason, for some silly reasons and you become a little irrational - warn your partner/ friends/ family now!

No bump yet!

One strange unexplained thing that occurred during the first few weeks for me, was my body temperature gauge broke. I was freezing, I just couldn’t get my back warm. I sat on the stove, I slept and rested with a hot water bottle, but there was no shaking it. I was a cold stone. I did ask the doctor and he said most women feel warmer at this time, but it was nothing to worry about and it disappeared after 12 weeks.
Beauty regime, if you regularly get waxed be in eyebrows, bikini, legs or underarms, be warned, it will hurt A LOT more. If you use a regular beautician she may know you are pregnant as you will go redder than usual. I usually get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted (they are naturally blond) and in the first trimester the dye pigment just washed off the day after the treatment!
Discharge - be prepared and get used to this one. Yes you will go nine months without your period, but it won’t be all rosy down there!!

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