Monday, 2 February 2015

Back in the game

I have returned, back with a vengeance and a little difference!

After being MIA from the blog world for over 12 months, I have decided to return and I aim to blog at least once a week.

So 2014 was a really hectic year, I got married in a Winter Wonderland Wedding in Courmayeur, Italy on January 11 and a few months later I was delighted to discover I was pregnant.
Most of the year was spent preparing for our first born, and we were still caught on the hop when she arrived five weeks early on October 7!

Almost four months on, life has certainly changed, but I am still me (despite the bags under the eyes, the puke stained top and a new found love for chocolate) and in an effort to remind myself that some of the old me still exists, I want to return to what I love - writing.

2014 - Wedding, pregnant, baby born, and sitting pretty at 3 months old!

To my surprise, I have received so much correspondence from readers over the past 12 months, people commenting and liking my older posts, some asking questions and advice on travel in Ireland and abroad and quite a few requesting I return to the blog world.

Thank you for all the support, as my life has changed somewhat, my posts will reflect that change, so I hope that my loyal readers and the new ones too will enjoy them.

There will be some baby talk, thrown in amongst travel, adventure, lifestyle and current issues as well as random musings!

I hope to bring some changes to the blog in regards style and hope that you all will enjoy this new journey. As always leave a comment, share, like or contact me directly.

The Seeking Adventure bus is back - hop on board! 

It is good to be back, here is to an exciting 2015! What would you like me to post about?

Much love,
FiFi xxx

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