About Me

It is difficult to write just a few lines on who I am and what I am about, but for the purposes of this blog and not to bore you senseless I am:
Wife, Mummy, Irish Journalist, Travel Writer, History Geek, Culture Vulture, Red head, Organisation Freak, Calamity Jane and Comedian (to myself!)

I first started the blog to write about travel in Ireland and abroad and to experience new adventures. Now it has been infiltrated by my little baby and my fumblings through parenthood and getting to grasps with being a real 'adult.'

I would have been a vlogger but I am not stunning looking, (I don't need to wear make up and high heels to blog) my life is not very glamorous or strange and I find blogs are easier to discover at 3am under the duvet cover trying not to wake all in the house!

I would be delighted if you would travel with me through day to day life, parenthood and adventures to celebrate the moments, big and small. If you learn something, great if you can teach me something, even better!

I am not an expert in parenting, childcare, beauty, fashion, hair, travel or indeed life so opinions are my own and I pack my own bags. 

For all requests, queries, suggestions, PR or just to say hello:

Email: seekingadventure123@gmail.com
Twitter: @adventure_seek
Facebook: facebook.com/seekingadventure