Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Ultimate Test - two thin blue lines

*** This post relates to March 2014 ***

You may have asked yourself a few times in your life, or this could be the very first time you say out loud in your mind “Am I Pregnant?”
Depending on where you are, your state of mind and age this question can leave you excited, confused or fearful. For many, despite maybe wanting a baby, it can still leave you with all these feelings.

So what are the early pregnancy symptoms?
Cramps, increased discharge, boobs feeling sore and or heavy, feeling tired, feeling sick or getting sick,feeling faint, back pain, thrush,spotting and a missed period.

Everyone is different, but for me I felt terrible, not quite sick, not quite in pain but terrible all the same, something was wrong. The only thing I could think of was a yeast infection, I do have an intolerance to yeast and had been having a jolly time with bread in the weeks previous! So for the first few days I took no notice.

Two days before my period was due, I started to get slightly suspicious. I had no pain, no twinge, not even a breakout, but I still did not feel well. On the day I was due my period I got thrush. I had never had thrush, so I knew something was up. I bought two pregnancy tests (I heard one could be inaccurate) and waited for a few days, my boobs started to feel heavy and sore and so I did start to believe I could be pregnant.

I woke up on a Saturday morning and went to take the test. I had told my husband about my suspicions but he was pretty convinced I wasn't pregnant. As soon as I took the test out of the package, I knew I was pregnant. Don’t ask how or why, I just knew.

I told my hubby, it was going say positive, “How sure are you?” he asked as we brushed our teeth.
“I’m 85%” I replied, and he looked shocked. 3 mins later I turned the stick over and there it was two thin blue lines that would forever change our lives. I didn't need to take another test, I knew it was correct.

The confirmation ... I was pregnant!

How did I feel? Happy I was right, happy there wasn't something else wrong with me, excited, scared, frightened, confused and dazed.
I am sure my husband felt most of these as well, but I think the main feeling for him was surprise! We were delighted, but also shocked we got pregnant so quick.

I knew straight away that I didn’t want to tell anyone I was pregnant, I can be quite a negative/ realistic person, so I was scared of something happening before 12 weeks. My mother and mother in law are worriers so I didn’t want to give them anything to worry about, just yet! I made my hubby swear not to tell (he isn’t good with secrets) and we tried to get on with our lives.

It is so difficult to go through your life knowing something so big, pretending to listen while you dream, pretending to be normal when there is a baby growing inside of you!!

But we did get to 12 weeks with just one or two leaks and for us it was worth it.

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