Sunday, 10 May 2015

Maternity Wear Essentials

There comes a point in your pregnancy, when loosening the top button will not suffice, you need to buy some maternity wear. Some people find it fun, others think it is horrible, either way it can be a daunting task.

Whether you are starting to show at 12 weeks or not until you are 26 weeks, you need comfort above all else, clothes should be practical (like machine washable and durable) and you do want to look like you still have some sense of style.

Maternity clothes are not cheap, so you need to choose your items carefully, remember you will only be using these pieces for a few months so there is no need to break the bank.

Here are my top tips to maternity wear:

1. Borrow, borrow, borrow
Ask around your friends and see if you can have a root through their old maternity clothes, if they are not pregnant, they are not using them, so there is no harm in having a look at least. A few cute tops or dresses could be perfect.

2. Maternity Underwear
Do not suffer in under wire, past the 12 weeks mark if you felt any movement in your boobs, go get measured. Maternity and Nursing bras look like medieval contraptions, but they are sooo comfortable. Get rid of that under wire and prepare to breathe again. My boobs moved up the size scale three times during my pregnancy, so do get measured, a lot!

3. Slip on Shoes
Luckily, most of my pregnancy was spent in flip flops, when I had to move into socks, I almost collapsed - such effort! Slip on shoes are easy and comfortable, your swollen ankles will thank you and you will use them after birth too, when every second of time saving is essential for getting out the door.

4. Leggings
I am not really a leggings kind of gal, but boy, oh boy did I live in them during my pregnancy. Great for under dresses or just with a long top. They are comfy and stretchy - an essential item(s).

5. Maternity Jeans
You don’t need to say goodbye to skinny jeans with this wonderful invention. This would be the one item I advise you spend some money on, a good pair will go with everything and you will feel good and a little normal in them.
6. Maternity vest/ tank tops
I lived in these during my pregnancy. Whether you wear them alone or under another top, they really are so versatile. Get a few of them, maybe a few nursing ones too, so you can wear them if you are breastfeeding your baby.

7. Bump friendly cardigan/ jacket
These are great and again go with everything, you feel covered and some even make you look slimmer.

8. Tracksuit bottoms
For walking, for napping, for watching TV, driving etc. Get ones that look good enough to go shopping in, such a good investment.

9. Dresses
What you need to look dressy is a wrap dress or even a maxi dress. Show off your bump, because if you don’t you might just look fat. You are not fat you are growing a baby!

10. Accessories
Now is the time to bring out the bling! Long necklaces, dripping earrings, bracelets, rings, scarves and handbags. Focus the eye of these items, and keep in style with the season’s print, colours and textures through your accessories.

11. Size Up
You do not need to buy everything from the maternity section, try a size bigger than your usual and look out for big flowing tops, shirts, and skirts. Also if you buy the darker shades they usually look more slimming.

12. PJs
Every day that I came home from work or an event, I got into my pjs. Buy pjs and a night gown that you love, ones that are comfy and cosy. You will be spending a lot of time in them during your pregnancy and after you had your precious baby.

What are your maternity wear essentials?

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  1. Great tips hon, and the first one is an absolute must - borrow what you can! I am donating all of my maternity wear to a friend as I don't need them anymore and they get so little wear really as you grow so fast! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

    1. Exactly, they get such little wear, the first port of call should always be to try and borrow, and as I said if you are not pregnant you really don't need those clothes taking up space!