Sunday 26 April 2015

12 things to do in the Second Trimester

The second trimester is a lovely time, you can spread the good news to everyone without having to deal with any huge amount of aches or pains. You also get to enjoy being pregnant before you really have to process the exit strategy!

But aside from ‘being pregnant’ what else should you be doing? Here is the definitive (in my opinion!) things to do from week 13 - 27.

1. Book Antenatal/ Childbirth classes
In Ireland you are reminded to do this by the midwife in your hospital, but if not, do enquire and get booking. You usually don’t actually attend the classes until early third trimester, but if this is your first time pregnant you do not want to miss out.

2 Shop for Maternity Clothes
Yes your pants are tight and your boobs and belly are protruding, ditch the tight waistbands and prepare to enter what can only be described as heavenly, guilt free clothes! Check out my post on maternity wear essentials, try to pick out basic items and if you can buy a size or two bigger as you will need them post birth.

3 Maternity Leave
Now that you are in your stretchy pants it is time to talk business, discuss and set down your maternity leave at work. Get your dates in order and find out what your rights are. I found that doing this part usually leads into …

4 Research childcare
At some point you may want to return to work, so you should discuss with your partner and family the best childcare options. Crèche, playschool, childminder - keep your options open but have your research done.

5 Lists
I love lists (as you can see), they motivate me and keep me in reality! Now is the time to get out the pen and paper - list down what exactly you need for the first 6 months of the baby’s life - forget about clothes, think more like cot, high chair, car seat etc. See what you can get second hand and what you must buy new. Also write down what you need to buy for your hospital bag and start picking a few bits up. While you have the pen in your hand maybe plan out your finances for the same time period.

Me and my husband on our Babymoon

6 Babymoon/ adult time
I took my honeymoon in the second trimester and really enjoyed it, depending on your finances (see number 5) plan a holiday, trip or day away with your partner, friends or family. It will be lovely to get away for a while, and also you will cherish that time later on. Read about our babymoon here.

7 Sleep
This may be the time to start sleeping on your side. I sleep face down usually and found the transition quite hard, prepare your bedfellow for the huge amount of pillows that will now take up ‘your side’ of the bed. While we are on the bed and nice and comfy - nap. Take them whenever or wherever you get them. Don’t think about being lazy, rest is good for baby and for you.

8 Exercise
Some may feel that this should be higher up the list, but with my SPD it had to sadly take a back seat. Try and walk or do some light activity to keep you nimble and strong. Also do not forget to stretch, yoga is great for balance and breathing too. The most important exercise is the KEGAL, practice daily, preferably while talking to someone else … it just makes it more fun!

9 Baby Names
Towards the end of the second trimester it is a good idea to start narrowing names. Realistically you do not want to be thinking of any more than two names per gender. Decide and ponder them for the rest of the weeks to come, pop the name into as many scenarios as you can think of!

10 Keep a diary
I have a terrible memory, some days I feel like a goldfish, so I have to keep a journal. It is not so much for feelings and thoughts, but more like daily events/ occasions/ things I want to remember. You do not need to write down every thought for the 42 weeks, but maybe a few of the milestones and symptoms. Even if you hate pictures of your bump, do take a few of you as a larger lady - believe it or not you will miss it and forget what it felt like.

11 Me Time
Not Mummy Time ... not yet, this is Just Me Time. A bath, a spa, an evening reading or watching movies. Paint your nails, curl your hair and do what makes you happy. Be selfish and do not feel guilty, once your precious bundle is here your priorities will automatically change.

I tried a fish pedicure as part of my time - I loved it!
12 Baby Time
Read, sing, talk, play music and spend time with your unborn baby. My sweet baba didn't have much room to be kicking and playing games, but I know loads of mothers who can touch their belly and get the baby to kick them back. That is amazing - surreal really, treasure it. If you can get the daddy to interact too, do so, you want baby to know their father, you will need to pass over your bundle at sometime when they burst into the world.


  1. I wish I could enjoy the second trimester more but with a toddler It's feeling just as tiring as the first haha. Agree about getting things sorted and organised though - Ive had my maternity leave sorted for weeks now haha xx

    1. Oh no I can't even imagine what it is like with a toddler in toe! I hope you are getting some rest though! Organisation is key x

  2. Love this list, I feel like i've got some energy back now although the naps are fantastic! :) I definitely need to officially tell HR soon and arrange my maternity leave properly!

    1. Yes, I got some energy back in the second trimester too, try to use it to get some things checked of, but enjoy your naps. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

  3. Great dress - I have the exact same one and am still rocking it at 40 weeks. You've got to love a maxi-dress in pregnancy! I'm also a sucker for a list. I think I must have made one a day during this second pregnancy and rewritten a few as I've gone along :) #MaternityMondays

    1. The dress was such a good purchase, it served me well! Yes, I sometimes use lists to distract me from what I should be doing, but they make me feel organised! 40 weeks... Good luck x

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  4. I definitely agree with number 6. We booked a holiday abroad when I was 22 weeks and it was the best decision we could have made - still safe to fly, no morning sickness and bump was only just starting to appear so I could still enjoy snorkelling and kayaking. The only down side was missing out on all inclusive cocktails!

    1. Yes the fruit cocktails do not have the same kick do they?! It is great to get away and make memories before the baby arrives.

  5. What a lovely list! The second trimester really is the nicest bit and definitely a time worth making the most of! Thanks for sharing with #MaternityMondays

    1. Thanks Caroline, it really is a bit more relaxing compated to the first and last trimester. Thanks for hosting #MaternityMonday I love reading all the posts!

  6. Love this list - I remember making the most of me time and keeping a diary during my pregnancy. Definitely worth making the most of the second trimester - I really enjoyed this part of my pregnancies :-)

  7. Yes I called it the honeymoon of pregnancy! Yes a diary is so great to look back on, especially if you have more kids, you can track progress etc. Thanks for commenting.