Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pregnancy vlogs on YouTube

I have never been a huge fan of YouTube. I liked to listen and watch music videos from time to time, but I never seemed to have the time to sit down and watch a video, I am much better at reading blogs - which are more discreet without the noise!

But being pregnant, I had to rest more, especially with Smphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD), and well sometimes you can only read so much! Also for the first time in my life I wanted to compare myself to others - I wanted to see what other 16 week pregnant ladies looked like, what I should expect in the third trimester, what were other moms doing, buying or worrying about!

So I became obsessed with pregnancy vlogs, I watched them weekly and I loved them. My husband on the other hand hated them and felt they would stress me out. They did not, I did not compare myself negatively, but positively, and I enjoyed taking the journey with other ladies in waiting towards the birth of babies.

So for those of you who want the extra pregnant company I will share with you my favourite pregnant and mom vloggers. I followed these ladies through their pregnancy, birth and now I watch their babies growing (when I get the few spare minutes!).
Hope you enjoy, some are inspirational, funny and slightly strange!
Jess and her four kids

Mom of four under five, I have no idea how she does it! You can watch her pregnancy and baby vlogs from her teenage pregnancy, her twins and her newest arrival. She is also getting married soon, if that interests you! Her life is like a soap opera sometimes!

Anna Saccone

Anna is one of my favourites, she is Irish and mum to Emilia and Eduardo, two of the cutest kids. Their family also post daily vlogs on Her week by week pregnancy vlogs were brilliant and honest. Such a lovely family.

Bubz is inspirational, funny and beautiful. She really is my favourite and I still look forward to her vlogs, she is from Northern Ireland, living in Hong Kong with her husband Tim and the chubbiest baby ever Issac. She knows her beauty and also gives tips on exercise, life and personal goals.

Danielle with hubby and baby Olivia
Danielle Baby Bliss
Danielle is mum to two fab girls, she is an American living in Germany. She is a vegetarian who tries to live a sustainable life. She is also doing daily vlogs now, but her week by week pregnancy vlogs were fantastic.

DainaG showing her monthly products
Daina is Canadian and she struggled through pregnancy, which was refreshing to watch. Her vlogs were really helpful. She is a beautiful lady with a cutie girl and her monthly favourite videos offer great advice on beauty and toddler tips.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Ooo these look fab I will def check them out. Thanks for linking up with #MaternityMondays