Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The simple life

Ah the simple life.

On the treadmill  of life
Life is as simple and as complicated as you make it right? Correct. But it also depends on circumstances, where you live and the culture you live in.

As I jump on to the treadmill of 2012 and try to stay on without falling off, try to keep up with the changes around me, and meet my expected goals I can't help but wonder about a much simpler life.

A new year requires quite a bit of organisation, resolutions, goals, events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, parties, holidays need to be penciled in so we don't forget them on the hectic cycle through the year. But as I filled out my work diary, calendar, home diary and smart phone I became exhausted.

The simple life in Fiji
(c) fifiheavey
I stared up at a picture from Fiji, and I recalled the first time I ever really experienced the real simple life. Living in a beach hut with only cold running water and electricity for three hours each night I was in bliss. We stayed in a family run resort – but not a resort as you know it. A few beach huts scattered on a remote island in the tropics of Fiji.
Away from the politics of communism, the island was run as a commune with a King at the head. The meals were cooked together by all the families, they held religious ceremonies together and the village had one TV for a large number of families to share.

And they were so happy – not that put on 'Bula' false smiles but true content. Once their days work was complete, the individuals did what they do best: relaxed. Even the work was carried out slowly, due to the immense heat, if you had to walk somewhere you did it slowly. But it all got done, everyone knew their role. They could come and go from the island as they pleased, but they usually stayed together because that is where they knew their place.

And I was happy there, I read and walked and danced and played cards and talked. Oh boy did we talk – to the visitors to the family who cared for us to the neighbours, to the king! We watched as newbies joined the island life, full of stress and plans and as the days went by slowly relaxed into the way of Melbravo life.

Melbravo Resort on the Nacula islands, Yasawas, Fiji

If you wake up one morning, sick of the rat race and decide to return to the simple life in Ireland – you are branded a Hippy – not the flower power kind the dirty kind.
But I understand the lifestyle choice. After working on the farm at home last Summer I had a similar epiphany. My back was sore, I was physically exhausted but I never felt so satisfied. Caring for animals and being self sufficient is a real gift. It is the meaning of life day after day watching the world renew itself in the eyes of baby animals and surprise you with a fresh crop of food.

Man kind has taken huge strides to get us where we are today, but remember the simple life is always only a few steps away.

Looking out on the blue sea, and the landscape of Fiji. The home of the simple life.

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  1. Sitting on a beach for a few months in Fiji should be one of my 2012 resolutions!