Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Holiday Vs Trip

“Going anywhere nice this year,” the hairdresser queries as she starts her process of small talk.
“Nothing planned yet, but Im going for four days to Berlin in April” I inform her.
“That will be a lovely holiday, never been there myself,” she states.

The Berlin Wall
(c) fifiheavey
But it isn't a holiday. I specifically said four days. Everyone knows that is a trip, right?
Like really it is just a long weekend Thursday – Sunday. How could she possibly have mis-interpreted that?

A holiday is seven days or more, probably over ten days really to suffice the 'holiday' title.
Over the last few years a “holiday” to me also needs to include a long haul flight or at least a different continent and usually has to have some sort of “adventure days” and “relaxing days.”
That is a holiday to me.
Not a city break, or a get away weekend or a brief rendezvous.

(c) fifiheavey

What does a holiday mean to you?


  1. Interesting point you have there! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. @Duninsure - thanks for the comment! Hope you stay tuned!

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