Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Simple weekend away

Lets take a short hotel break – anywhere, I don't mind I just want to get away.
  • But it has to have a ... gym, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant, disco ...
It is not easy to pick a hotel for a weekend away. I took on the task this week, all I wanted was a good deal, or so I thought.
A nice two night BB including a dinner – no expectations, just somewhere to get away and relax.

The hotel has to have a spa.
Maybe somewhere new, where I have not been before. (That really tightens the list!)
A massage would be nice though – so it has to have a spa.
The other half has started a new training regime. “It has to have a gym” he pipes up.

City or country I ponder. It would be lovely to take in some scenery – city life needs too much energy we need R&R. Country it is.
A castle would be perfect - too expensive though.
Maybe an old Manor house or a spanking new resort.
Comfort is a must.

I whittle the selection down to a handful and show off the contestants.
“This one is nice” I display, pointing out its recent awards, and the superb high gloss photos.
“Oh it doesn't have a swimming pool” was the response.

Oh and the hotel needs a swimming pool ...

It needs to have a swimming pool? “Well it would be nice” I am told.

So we pick the one with the swimming pool, gym, spa, nice price and attractive website.
(Well if you can't keep a good website – what state must the hotel be in?!)

It only took a few hours ... over a few days. We were not looking for much really, something simple ;o)

What makes or breaks a hotel selection for you?


  1. All about the breakfast buffet

  2. The price. Deffo. If it has a gym, I rarely use it and I usually bring a breakkie bar to eat instead of hotel breakkie which is generally disappointing. I prefer to find a little local cafe for a brunch instead of hotel breakfast.

    Something you can't tell beforehand is if the place has a good or bad bed. It is the first thing I test on getting into a room. Squeaky, lumpy, just horrible...so many hotels get it so wrong. I don't often complain until the next morning because it will take at least another 20 minutes to get sorted and I don't want to end up like Monica and Chandler that time they go through all the hotel rooms until Monica is happy!!

  3. The Spa... its al about the pampering on a weekend away ! :D

  4. Going to a spa and relax is one way also of a weekend getaway . Sometimes we have to pamper ourselves after a stressful week end. It is a nice idea. Thanks for sharing this.