Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Face time - serum and moisturiser

Almost nine months after giving birth, it is time to try and resume some normality. Going back to work has made me realise I may have been slacking in a number of areas like my skin/beauty/body/wardrobe/diet ....etc! 

So let's start with the most important - The Face. 

Sleep deprivation, night feeds and worry has added depth to the existing and growing lines. Now I know I can't get rid of them, or even stop them (I blame my father's DNA) without cosmetic work, but I certainly want to slow them down and if I can at all - fill them in!
Without a big budget to work with, I decided to use a brand that has been around the block and is popular. Enter Olay.

Olay Regenerist Serum

As soon as I sampled this at home, I feel in love with the luxurious feel. It feels silky and is like a lightweight gel, that slides across my face and instantly makes it feel smoother, filling in a few lines along the way. The "advanced amino peptide complex" claims to regenerate surface skin cells, making skin look smoother and softer. I don't know about the regeneration but the smoother and softer part is completely true.I could almost skip the moisturising step after this, as this serum makes my skin feel so good. It does not clog pores and absorbs instantly. There is a very light smell from it and one pump covers all of my face.

RRP €27.99 on offer in Boots at the moment for €18.66

Olay Regenerist Serum swatch on my freckled hand

Olay Regenerist SPF 30 Moisturiser

I need this, I have fair sensitive skin and I am not getting any younger. The high SPF does means that this is thick, it looks and smells like suncream - well because it essentially is. I don't really believe SFP15 is giving any kind of protection.
As soon as I spread this around my face, it absorbs quickly, making it feel more luxurious than its price tag would suggest. One pump produces too much product for me, about half a pump gets neck and face lathered to perfection. The product claims to have an anti ageing formula to restore firmness and give a more youthful appearance, while blocking damaging rays - here's hoping!

RRP €39.99 on offer in Boots at the moment for €26.66

Olay Regenerist SPF 30 Moisturiser swatch
For an update on my experience with Olay Regenerist see here.


  1. Really really wanted to read through your birth story but I have had to book mark it for later when I am not in "work". I am pregnant currently and a bit of an emosh wreck so I am not going to chance it in public!!

    Good choice with the Olay Regenerist; the ingredient list is pretty impressive for what is a supermarket brand (i.e known to everyone). It is very similar to many of the three times more expensive luxury brands.
    As far as I remember it contains a decent amount of retinol so you should notice a difference with any skin concerns you have. For some reason me and Olay never got on but my mam and aunties all have fab skin owing to the regenerist range.

    1. Rachelle - thanks for the comment. I am loving Olay Regenerist and can actually see the difference! Hope your pregnancy is going well - those hormones play havoc with emotions!