Sunday, 28 June 2015

Five weeks early - My scary funny birth story

Everybody’s labour and birth story is special. Our baby’s birth can leave us scarred mentally and physically, some move on quickly others linger over the details. There are two words to describe the birth my baby Scary and Funny.
Those two don’t usually go together, but with some hindsight they apply to my story.

Our beautiful baby
At my 35 week hospital check up, I had been sent home on strict bed rest due to high blood pressure. I woke up the next morning looking forward to planning out the rest of my relaxed maternity, but there was no time for that, as my waters broke.
Saying goodbye to our dog Wally
Well, I wasn't sure if my waters broke because in the movie people are ALWAYS standing up when their waters break. I was lying in bed. I wasn't in any pain, but after a few minutes on the toilet, with no let up of said waters, we came to the conclusion my waters had broken. *Funny*

As I wasn't in any pain, and there had been no 'show', I was in no hurry to the hospital (I did call ahead) I showered, packed the last few bits and said goodbye to our dog Wally before heading off into the unknown. I had to stop my husband from making me laugh and weeing myself on the 35 minute journey to the hospital, but we did laugh the whole way there with excitement. *Funny*

At the hospital around lunchtime, they confirmed my waters had broken, but assured me that I was not in labour after monitoring the baby’s heart rate. They gave me a steroid injection for the baby’s lungs, another one would be administered in 24 hours. The doctor told me that they would try and keep me from going into labour for at least another week.
The fitted a cannula in my arm (OMG that was soooo painful) and sent me off to the ward.

I had been feeling light “cramps”, sort of like period cramps, but tried to ignore them since I was not in labour. A few hours later, these cramps got worse. I also had a huge urge to do a number two - but try as I might nothing was happening there! When dinner came around, I thought I might try a bite, and in between severe ‘cramps’ that were now taking my breath, I polished off quite a bit of stew. *Funny*

Checking baby's movement after my waters broke
 When a nurse did appear I said I would like to be checked again, she brought me down to the Labour Ward (in disbelief) and I was checked first by a young doctor and then by my consultant who announced I was 5cm dilated. When they asked what time I last ate and I told them "a few minutes ago” they almost collapsed. *Funny*

That was the end of the funnies, as baby was breached, I was quickly prepared for an emergency section. I signed my life away, got the plastic gown on and was wheeled away from my husband. In between what I now know to be labour pain, I was given the spinal and prepped for surgery. *Scary*

They started to cut me before my husband entered the room, and I felt every bit of it. Obviously I was not in pain, but I couldn't believe the feeling of them slicing me open layer by layer, I almost hopped off the table as they pulled and tugged inside me. It felt like they took out every piece of me before they found the baby. I was petrified. *Scary*

First picture with my baby
When they did pull out my baby, I held my breath for what seemed like minutes, but was really only seconds before she cried. And then I cried. A girl, our baby girl, our daughter. Abbey Rose.
I cried with happiness and relief, I cried with shock and amazement and I also cried for the unknown. At 35 weeks, would she be ok, had she grown enough, could she survive? They placed her on my chest for two minutes and she was perfect.

But then they were gone, my baby and my husband. She had to be fully checked and my hubby had to go with her. I wanted him to be with her, but I also wanted him to be with me. Because I was still scared. *Scary*

Our baby had to spend two weeks in hospital in the Special Care Baby Unit, to gain weight and to be monitored. *Scary*

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  1. I loved reading your story. I have had 3 early babies myself, and 4 emergency sections, so I really related to this. SCBU is definitely a scary place to be - I hope you are now home and going from strength to strength.

  2. Thanks Kate, you must be an expert on sections at this stage, I doubt they get any easier! SCBU is scary - its bad enough being a first time mum, but nothing prepares you for the incubator. Thankfully it was all worth it, she is doing great. x

  3. I've had 2 emergency sections and I don't think you can ever describe the scared feeling to anyone unless they've been through it!

    My labour was BORING (induction) and scary!

    1. You are right it is so hard to describe, it was the loss of control for me and the fast pace of everything. It was too much, too quick!

  4. Oh what a beautiful story! Birth really is funny and scary! And a c-section is no joke is it? Those first cuts are horrid!! Thanks so much for sharing with #MaternityMatters x x x

    1. A c-section is certainly no joke, so scary. I was petrified and had no control over anything, but needs must!