Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Always proof read ... twice!

I have booked hundreds of flights and hotels.

I book flights for family and friends. It is what I do, it is what I love to do.

But the danger with experience is that you get too relaxed, too sure of your talent.

And we all make mistakes, even so called ‘experts.’

I wanted to take a break for Valentine’s Day. I felt as a couple we needed it and I wanted it to be special, so after much research into Latvia I set about on a publicity campaign to convince my partner this trip was going to be the best ever - while also being economical.

When I got the go ahead, I was ecstatic. Delirious with delight, I immediately booked the flights and hotel in case of any change of mind.
I quickly read over the bookings and threw my credit card details at it before I printed out the documents, stapled them and put them in a folder ready for take off.

Two days before I 'checked in' online, but for some reason I couldn't 'check in' for the return flights. This situation didn't alarm me, I was in my happy holiday mood.

An early morning flight brought us to Riga International Airport and there in the snow was our romantic Valentine’s Getaway ready for exploring.
There was no issue until the Saturday morning, the day before we departed for home. I said I better check in. I tried it on my phone.
No luck, it kept refusing me, so I asked for the use of the hotel’s computer, which they readily obliged.

Then it hit me, instead of the return date February 17, the flight home was booked for March 17.
A whole month later, it couldn't be, how could I make such a mistake? 
But I had, it was there in black and white. When I told my partner he didn't panic, but I did.
We couldn't get through to Ryanair. We couldn't book a flight for February 17 with Ryanair and there was no other direct flight to Dublin.
So we would have to get two connecting flights, which included a 10 hour over night connection in Norway.

The connection time was hell, we tried sleeping on the airport floor but it was impossible.

Unscheduled stop over in Norway
(c) fifiheavey

Lesson: No matter how many times you book flights and hotel ALWAYS read the details carefully - read them twice even!
Or pay the hefty price and develop back pain from trying sleeping on an airport floor and an unforeseen credit card debt!

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