Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Latvia - Proposal - Engagement - New Puppy

The past three months have been a whirlwind.
From an exciting trip to Latvia which resulted in a wedding proposal (I said yes!), an engagement ring and coming home to a new puppy, there has simply been no time for blogging.

Since February 15 there has been screams, champagne, screams, dazzling smiles, dazzling diamonds and dreams followed by plans and a few more screams!

To settle my mind and to document my adventures I will be returning to the blog world with tales of how a last minute city trip turned into a romantic snowy proposal, a review of Riga and my impression of Latvia along and events since.

Husky sledging outside of Riga, Latvia
(c) fifiheavey

This is an adventure blog, and although travel is my main adventure hobby, doing something new, being something new is also an adventure. Please hang in there if you start noticing a 'wedding theme' running through, it won't last for long and I promise to keep it to a minimum. Also expect some puppy talk!

Thank you to all for your messages of best wishes and for continuing to read.
Fiona x

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