Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Proposal

I didn't know how I wanted to be proposed to.
I didn't have a perfect setting in my head, or a right time or place for the special moment.

But my boyfriend did.

On a random trip to Latvia, I was delighted to see that we could take part in a husky
sledge ride. I had always wanted to do this, I love husky dogs and the idea just sounded quirky, cultural and different.

It was so much fun. From the very start of meeting the dogs, being showed how to control them and watching them get so excited, we were both laughing with delight.
The actual ride with Ronan driving and me sitting and turning was hilarious and exhilarating.
It was much faster than expected, and we had to think quick when we got stuck, when we hit a bump that sent us flying and when one if the dogs took an unexpected toilet break on the run!

I was disappointed when it ended, but we continued to take pictures with the dogs.
As I was kneeling down to get a good picture with one of the dogs, Ronan was preparing to pop the question.

When he got down on one knee in the snow, I was shocked and speechless but in the most amazing way.
I was still on a high from the husky ride and this just sent me off the scale.
I laughed with joy - and eventually said yes!

Surrounded by snow, it was most unusual proposal and yet it was perfect, it couldn't have been more romantic or more suited to my taste.

Staying within this fun snow theme, we are currently organising a ski wedding ...
Stay tuned for the happy ever after!


  1. Congratulations Fiona! What a lovely proposal story to have. When you get a chance you should check out a group called Irish Bloggers if you haven't already

  2. Thanks Jane - I will check out that group - great advice!

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