Monday, 3 January 2011

Well hello 2011!

Apologies for my long absence, I was attacked by a virus over the Christmas and New Year which I am hoping is not a sign of things to come this year - because I am planning on having a very happening 2011.
So after days in bed I cannot wait to get out and start living in 2011 and not surprisingly one of my top resolutions for this year is to look after my body - exercise, eating better, relaxing and pampering!

I am hoping to do a photography course this year, because I love photos so expect a whole host of photos coming up, oh and I'm going to try out my new 12 month project where I take a photo of the same location every month and pick the best four that encapsulate the seasons.

Of course I want to get out and travel, go places, do things, maybe start doing some more walking trails and getting away with friends or even by myself to explore the country, I've not decided on any foreign hols yet but I think I might look for some different places a bit closer to home rather than half across the universe!

Write about what I love - which I do here of course but I also hope to try and do it more often like get a full time job more closer to my passions.

Cook new things - I love to cook when I get the time, and it is relaxing and satisfying so this is a must!

I would like to become more patient this year, try to listen rather than speak too quickly. I am quite a hot tempered person so this would help relationships all round! Most of all I need to realise that only I can make myself happy so I need to stop relying on others to do this for me.

In essence: Read, write, learn, travel, exercise, relax ... and breathe!

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