Friday, 14 January 2011

Bridges of the World

Forget the Seven Wonders of the World - how about exploring the greatest bridges of the world?!
The ones that make you go "oooh and ahh," where you peer dangerously over their railings and gasp in awe looking up at the monstrosity. Or you could even have the pleasure of surpringly finding yourself driving along on one of the greatest bridges of the world ... scared shitless!
Here are my favourites in order of preference:

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

In my opinion the most famous bridge in the world is the red Golden Gate. I hate to admit I have not yet visited San Fran and so have not had the privilege to be bowled over by this stunning bridge spanning the Pacific Ocean, but I certainly hope to see it very soon - and when I do I will take that glorious walk across it to San Francisco Bay.

2. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Iconic, legendary and at the moment more symbolic of freedom to Irish emigrants than the Statue of Liberty was to them in the 19th century. The picture of the harbour bridge with Sydney Opera House in the background is a postcard picture, I am delighted to say I have stared up at this icon, but I failed to actually stand on it.

3. The China Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
Linking Buda with Pest across the Danube River this bridge could indeed be described as the heart of this city. In 1849 it became the first permanent bridge across the Danube, it was blown up in World War II but was rebuilt and became the site for the demonstrations for independece in 1989 - cementing its staus as a symbol of liberty. In the Summer it is thronged with artists and in the Winter it makes a blustery walk in the Snow.

4. The Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
No landmark is more steeped in history than this bridge, lined with shops and jewelery merchants, it dates from 1220. This is also one of only a few bridges that was spared a bomb threat during World War II because Hitler admired it's beauty. A perfect place for a stroll towards the close of business and if you have the funds purchase something that sparkles!

5. Le Pont Neuf, Paris, France
Just about every visitor to Paris has walked across this magnificent 1578 erection - the oldest bridge in the Romantic city. Featuring one of the world's first pedestrian sidewalks, it makes a beautiful destination for a stroll with your loved one offering unbeatable views of Notre-Dame cathedral in one direction and the Eiffel Tower in the other. Perfection.

6. The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
One of the best locations to stare dreaming into the Manhattan skyline is on the thrilling Brooklyn Bridge. It's Gothic style towers, cables and mile long pedestrian walkway may be a breezy and noisy stroll but it is well worth the effort. The bridge took 16 years to build, from 1867 to 1883, becoming the first steel wire suspension bridge in the world when it opened.

7. The Tower Bridge, London, England
The unmistakable drawbridge across the River Thames is quite the sight. Not quite medieval it was built in 1894 next to the dreaded Tower of London. Victorian boilers and steam still raise and lower the bridge and it is best viewed at night when lit up.

Do you agree disagree with the above list? Leave a comment.

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