Thursday, 20 January 2011

Swallow your pride - book a B&B

You are in love and you want to show your other half how much they mean to you. 
Valentine's Day is coming up, you want it to be special but ... moths fly out of your wallet, the bank machine spits out your card and even the euro saver menu at McDonalds is a stretch. So what to do? 
Well before you resort to making your own card out of recycled newspaper and a red pen, how about swallow your pride and book a B&B somewhere romantic?
Okay, it is not a luxurious hotel with chandeliers and a valet service but a B&B will have something you never found in a hotel - genuine character.
 Oh and most B&Bs will look different, which is something hotels seem to forget when decorating - "How will we compete against our neighbouring hotel?" they ask. "Oh yes let's decorate the hotel to look exactly the same as theirs, then maybe vistors will mistake our hotel for theirs and choose us..." well that must be what happens!
So you are dreading the small talk over breakfast with the owners? Think they will have heard every creak in the bed, were counting every giggle and grunt?
Forget the movies, the reviews from the 1950s and your own silly notions. Irish B&Bs are in general modern, clean fresh and friendly, cost a hell of a lot less and usually give you some cosy memories of your break away with that important someone.

For an idea of where to break away for Valentines I suggest:
Glencar Waterfalls, Co Leitrim - If it was good enough for Yeats poetry it is more than perfect for a romantic walk and cuddle beside the powerful water cascades.

Aran Islands, Galway - Get away from the mainland and experience the authentic island treatment. Is tú mo ghrá ... try it where it counts.

Dingle, Co Kerry - Why do all those yankies love Dingle? Probably because it looks like Ireland 60 years ago in the movies with all the pretty scenery to go with it and good craic.

Drogheda, Co Louth - One of the oldest towns in Ireland, but one that has a mischief of youth about it, explore the Boyne Valley and your own adventure here.

Enniskerry, Co Wicklow - The Gateway to the Garden of Island - next door to Powerscourt Estate and the Sugarloaf mountains - escapism and romance!

For some ideas on nice B&Bs check out:

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