Tuesday, 10 July 2012

For the love of music

I am still a bit groggy, continuing to find spots of mud on my body and unable to shake off that stale smell of muck, alcohol and urine.
But the music is still buzzing, my feet can't stay still and every few minutes I get the urge to throw my hands up in the air.

Phoenix Park Concert (c) fifiheavey
I am in post- festival mode.

Despite the rain, and mud (did I mention there was mud), the tiresome walk, and the crowds and queues the Snow Patrol/ Florence and the Machine concert in the Phoenix Park was a huge success.

Stuck in the mud (c) fifiheavey
Do you know why?
Because of the music.

I feel the need to explain why you go to a concert, because I am sick of the complaints, the moaning and the down right stupidity.
I cannot fathom why people turned up to the Phoenix Park in Dublin on Sunday in runners, flip flops and general silly footwear following two previous days of concerts, rain and muck. You may no longer watch the nine o clock news religiously but how on earth had the weather and geography of the land escaped you.

The queues: Ok lets start at the beginning – 50,000 approx people crowded into a field, many were drinking alcohol. So it would follow that a lot of people would need to use the portaloos. 
Tip – don't leave it until you are going to piss yourself to start queueing.

Anti-social behaviour:  If you go out on a Saturday night do you ever see someone acting unsociable? Now multiply that by 50,000. There will be some fights, some ejectile vomit and some falling, shouting abuse etc. **

The price of food: Shut up, you could have brought a packed lunch.
The price to drink: Ditto, loads of people smuggled in alcohol, you are just bitter you forgot to or drank it all really quickly!

The long walk: Number one - you are in Dublin – public transport is a joke in the normal 9-5 run of the day. The concert was in Phoenix Park – it has an 11km perimeter and over 700 hectares of land. There is no subway, no train or indeed inner city bus link to the concert. Yes the Luas had to be cancelled from Heuston Station - but walking is good for you, ya know!

Now ask yourself one question – did you enjoy the music?
You did not go to an outdoor concert for fine dining, for the comfortable facilities, for a relaxing stroll, or for VIP treatment.

Florence from Florence and the Machine at Phoenix Park, Dublin
(c) fifiheavey
If you had such a terrible time, just put it down to experience. Never ever put your head up for an outdoor concert again and stick to seated venues or just sit at home and grow old!

** Complaints about stabbings are legit – and I agree these are inexcusable. 

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