Friday, 15 June 2012

You can never beat the Irish

You can never beat the Irish.

Its a laughable statement, right?
 Ireland was the first team to be kicked out of the Euros 2012 with a 4-0 defeat to Spain.
Our country is a financial mess which requires handouts from everyone else.
There are flood warnings in June.
We are all poor.

But, despite all that. Pushing aside how much this wee country needed just one win at the Euros, just one small triumph. Looking past the fact that we are defeated, in almost ever possible sense. We achieved something magical in Gdansk, Poland.

As the eleven world class Spanish players celebrated the complete annihilation of their weaker opponent, they couldn't help but look confused. They had to stare up at the stadium of fans with some shock.
They deserved the celebration, they are world class. They make the game look beautiful.

And yet, it was to the booming Irish anthem of 'The Fields of Athenry' that they walked off the pitch.
The sound was amazing, it was a lament more than a celebration for Irish fans.
But the Irish went to Poland to support their team to fly their flags for Ireland and nothing, not a 4-0 defeat, not a rumour of another bail out was going to stop them doing that.

Were they angry at the Irish team's performance? Yes. Were they bitterly disappointed? Yes.
But the party must still go on.

For international readers, I wish I could explain, but I can't. Why we celebrated with the Croatian fans after a 3-1 defeat, why we partied with the Spanish or why will sing with the Italians.
We do it because we are Irish and - you can't beat us!

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