Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Get away, run away

Do you have a runaway place? A specific location you have bookmarked in your mind that in a time of crisis you can call upon. Somewhere to get away from it all, a site where you will find inspiration, serenity and hope?

This may seem like a strange idea, most people probably don't forecast a crisis in their life, they don't prepare for a doomsday, a catastrophe, a life changing event, or even a slight break down.
I have.

St John's Lake, Co Leitrim
(c) fifiheavey

I know there will come a point in my life when I will need to escape, maybe for a few hours, a day, weekend, a week or even in the extreme six months. I know this because the universe is guaranteed to throw some rotten eggs along life's journey. And when something happens, something that unhinges my normal daily rhythm I will need to stop, think and re-organise. In order to this I will need to runaway, to my chosen place and ponder.

(c) fifiheavey

Hence, my runaway place. But I can't just have one place, depending on the problem, the time, my budget, life circumstances, I need to have a few options:

A few hours - this place needs to be close by, easily assessed and cheap. For me it is on top of a no longer used reservoir tank beside my homeplace. I have used this place quite often to ponder things over, from it I see into at least four different Irish counties, I see towns, mountains, roads, houses and cars. The air is clear and fresh and with almost no disturbance. All I need to get there is a pair of wellies!

A day – a whole day to discuss the pros and cons, to debate with myself. A place of beauty and serenity is needed here and most importantly silence. In Ireland the best place for all three is Glendalough, Co Wicklow. The valley of the two lakes has a monastic site and round tower and is perfect place to listen to your inner self while taking in the rugged landscape.

A weekend- a few days to really indulge in deep thought. With this amount of time I need to really evaluate life. Here I have a choice of two destinations: Athens and Rome. Both places hark back to the beginning of civilisation. Ancient ruins, deep excavations, narrow streets and excellent food. Perfect places to seek inspiration and yet also realise how small me and my problems are in the scheme of things.

Trevi Fountain, Rome
(c) fifiheavey

A week- a mini break down, a need for escape and a quest to find answers. To re-discover what is important, to re-organise priorities. Israel is a must. It amazed me in a few days, imagine a whole week? If I went looking for answers, I believe I could find them here, here in the Holy Land, where the majority of world religions converge and intersect. The country, although controversial is special.

Dome of the Rock and Wailling Wall, Jerusalem

Six months- this must be serious! Things must have really went belly up and I can only imagine that my mind is in a jumble, that there are plenty of voices shouting to heard, but no one is listening. This sort of situation demands only one location: India. I have not been there, I know very little about it but have heard and read about people who have had some amazing experiences there. Thousands of people seek spirituality here, submerge themselves in prayer, meditation and thought and re-emerge the better from it.

So if you see me packing my bags for India – stay clear and wish me well!

Do you have a runaway place?

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  1. say no, get away, tell someone you can trust!
    I've no getaway place except sleep. Sleep sorts everything!