Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Readers of the world

Something came to my attention over the last few weeks which I find intriguing and that is my growing audience in India and Pakistan.
The blogger statistics show how many read my posts each week and what country they are logging on from. Each week I am surprised by the large worldwide audience who tune into to read my installments from beautiful exotic locations.
Here are my top ten followers:

1. USA
My largest audience comes from America, which is understandable, I have a lot of friends and family over there and I interact with a lot of people from the USA on a frequent basis. The land of the brave and the free gave me so many memories during my road trip a few years ago and I have ear marked to return there very soon.

2. Ireland
My own Irish come in close second, being my home place and the location I most write about, this comes as no surprise. I love Ireland, despite our desperate economic situation, and our wet composition it is still the most beautiful country in the world when the sun shines.

3. United Kingdom
The UK get the bronze medal, born in London I have strong affiliation with England, love to visit and write about it and have a lot of connections over the sea.

4. Canada
The Canadians seem to “get me” and come in fourth on my highest ratings. The Canadians are so much fun and are great travel companions. They always seem to have an open mind.

5. India
India in fifth place of my audience ratings – this one interests me. I know very little about India, I have yet to visit the country, but would love to do so. I would love to know what my Indian audience think of my blog – so any fans please do let me know. 

6. Germany
My European friends the Germans are high on the list, I know the Germans love to travel and you can always to be sure to hit on a few of them abroad, so it is great to see them here. They also love to party!

7. Australia
I spent nearly a year in Australia, I loved my time there and the people are among the best on the planet. Melbourne will stay with me forever and my adventures in a camper van all over the great continent makes me smile and feels warm (thinking of the sunshine helps!).

8. France
By now you all know I have a huge respect for the French, my favourite city in the world is Paris. I am humbled by their support. Viva La France!

9. Pakistan
Again I have never been to Pakistan, I do not have any close friends who live there, so this large following delights me. I hope they enjoy my blog and I invite them to participate with me by way of comment or discussion.

10. The Netherlands
Coming in number ten on my top blog readers are the lovely people of Holland/ The Netherlands. It is a country which does not get the credit it deserves internationally, interesting places full of fun and exciting people.

Thanks for the support guys, it is great having you all aboard!

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