Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 - The Bigger Picture

Perth, Australia  (c) fifiheavey

New Year’s Resolutions - you either make them or don’t. But the majority of people I know make some sort of pledges to change their lives on the eve of a brand new year.

Exercise more, eat healthy, take up a new hobby, lose weight or travel more are some of the most popular goals we set. And goals are very healthy, they challenge us and motivate. We all have our own obstacles to meet, either every day, monthly or seasonally.

But this year I hope to really push myself to and look at the bigger picture.
It sounds simple, but it is far from it. I fret the small things. I worry about the minute details and often forget to take a step back and assess the whole story.

We all do it, we get stressed, frustrated, annoyed and upset about things in our lives that are not ideal or perfect but forget to look at how lucky we are. The only time we feel blessed is when we see tragedy strike others, then we realise how good we have it.

I visited a close friend recently, she had just lost her job and was fretting over buying Christmas presents for her kids. Although the presents she bought were not as big or as expensive as she would have liked she was amazed to see how happy her children were to have their mother at home all over the festive season, playing with them, cuddling on the couch watching a movie and going outside for adventure walks. She realised although money was not plentiful, her family were happy and healthy and that was all that mattered.

Best wishes to everyone in 2013 and may your pictures be big, bright and happy!

The Burren, Co Clare, Ireland (c) fifiheavey

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