Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Flight cookies - not very yummy

My heart was beating fast, my sweaty palms held my credit card and I was about to explode with excitement as I finally got around to booking my flights to Egypt.


But then, wait.

That's not the price - €30 jump in a matter of minutes. 
But I checked the price last week and twice today – just be sure.

This is not God smiting me for my indecisiveness, this is for being too frugal, too careful. This punishment is for checking the flights costs, times, etc too many times.

I just want to board a plane.
(c) fifiheavey
My techie friends tell me that of course the more I search a certain flight on a particular date and time, the more demand it creates – putting the price up. 
That is fair enough, but:

“Some booking sites save your previous flight searches to figure out how badly you really want that flight – the more you search it , the more they increase the price.”- How cheeky.
The same sites can also increase prices after the date you have searched for to pressure you into thinking the price will increase if you wait to buy.

Outraged and a little sad that I had not just purchased the flight a week ago, I asked for help. 
The only tips I got were:
(A) Be more decisive – a personal weakness.
(B) Clear browser cookies each time you search a flight – making the sites think it is your first look every time.

Aeroplane cookie ...

To do this using Google chrome:
1- click the wrench icon on the tool bar
2- Select settings
4- In the privacy section, click content settings
5- In the cookies section – open the cookies and other data dialog
6- Remove all.

I did this and hurriedly checked the price again – no change. 
So maybe leave it a few days?
The flight is for October 1 – any advice on whether I should put off till later or just cave and buy now??

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