Thursday, 3 May 2012

Want to hug a bear?

Ever wanted to hug a bear?

You need to visit Berlin - the city of bears.

They appear on street, corners, stand staring at you in train stations, hold your hat outside shops and even the American Embassy in Berlin has one!

Hug for Buddy Bear showing the u-bahn stops
(c) fifiheavey

In 2001, artists painted approximately 350 bears (Buddy Bears) to appear in the public domain, as decorative elements in the streets of Berlin. Four different bear designs (one standing on all four paws, one standing on two legs, one standing on its head and one in a sitting position) took part in this activity in the city centre of Berlin.

This one won a medal
(c) fifiheavey

Afterwards, many of the bears were sold at auctions in aid of child relief organisations. Nowadays, these Berlin Buddy Bears are exclusively presented on private premises, in front of hotels and embassies as well as in the foyers of various office buildings.

Hot dogs, icecream and a friendly bear
(c) fifiheavey

Hey it is either a bear or a beer on the streets of Berlin!

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