Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Back to Berlin

A section of the Berlin Wall
(C) fifiheavey

Big pressure this week.            
I return to Berlin.

Four years ago I flew into Berlin not expecting anything great and with my own preconceptions about the city and the country. But it astounded me, the history was amazing, the culture intriguing, the people fun and helpful and the entertainment – out of this world.

Me and a Berlin bear
(c) fifiheavey

Berlin surpassed Paris as my favourite place in Europe and I have been singing its praises ever since.
This week I return to the once divided city.
But this time I am not alone, I will travelling with a friend (cousin to be exact).

I have told him Berlin is amazing, the craziest place on earth, the most interesting location in the world ... etc etc

(C) fifiheavey

And now I have to make it live up to that huge reputation. There is a whole lot of pressure on me and on this unique city. If we return and he is not bowled over by Berlin and all the wonders it holds – my reputation could be ruined.

Its gonna be easy though right? 
There are so many things to see and do, so many historic sites, buildings, streets, museums. 
The Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Unter Den Linden, The Reichstag, Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie, Topography of Terror ....

Brandenberg Gate, Berlin
(c) fifiheavey

“I don't really do the tourist thing” he told me.
Uh Oh.
So he will be expecting the strange and wonderful, the quirky, the unknown.

Still Berlin should be able to deliver. I just stumbled across craziness on a daily basis in Berlin four years ago. I didn't have to go looking – they were right there on tap.

But em... if you had to go looking, say for strange unique things to see and do – where would one look? 
I am open to all ideas!

My back up plan: Get him drunk on authentic German Beer and turn him into a history craving tourist!

Craziness on tap - looking forward to hangover free German beer!
(C) fifiheavey


  1. She's not kidding folks, she has a lot to live up to!

  2. Hello cousin I need to impress!

  3. Erdinger the first night. He'll *think* he'll have had the night of his life, and while hes in bed nursing das hangover, you can feck off to the Berlin wall.
    win win

    Pretend like u didnt read that Aaron

    1. Even knowing that EVIL plan, I'll still end up drinking it. I have an uncanny ability to keep functioning with a hangover so as long as I'm not comatose, I'll still see the sights.

      Blurry as they may be.