Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Left Foot

Anyone who knows me will smirk, or probably laugh when they see the title of this post, as 'My Left Foot' is a subject very dear to my heart – and I am not referring to the Irish movie.

No, 'My Left Foot' is actually my own left foot, the one attached to my left leg.

The subject came up recently in relation to two questions I was asked in different circumstances.
The first was 'What part of your body would you change if you could?'
This should be a question on vanity, it is usually related to cosmetic surgery, weight issues or distinguishing marks.
My answer: “My Left Foot.”

The next question a few days later came from a more sophisticated conversation.
“Name one thing/ obstacle holding holding you back in life”
Again my answer: “My Left Foot.”

Nice - if ya don't fall over!
(c) fifiheavey

It is important to be fully fit to travel, to partake in activities, to walk, hike, jog, run etc
Healthy I am, fit also to an extent, but one body part always lets me down and that is my left foot.
Going for a hike -
Sightseeing walking tour-
We may need to run for the bus-
Dancing is compulsory-
Are all great, but even prior consultation with my foot cannot guarantee I will not fall before the final hurdle.

A few too many ankle injuries now compounded by plantar fasciltis (Heel Spur) problem, means that at least a quarter of my brain must focus on the stability and the strength of my left foot for ALL activities.

Traveling around the world has caused major damage to my pockets and bank account, to my stress levels but the most damage has been caused to my feet.
Sunburn, corns, bruises, cuts have and a whole lot of strain have taken their tolls on the pair that carry me around.
But it is the left one that has the weaker will, that destroys my chances of competing in marathons, that niggles at me when we decide to go hiking, or dancing, or just walking around in a circle.

Ok on the way up - but not on the way down! Hiking Franz Josef, New Zealand
(c) fifiheavey

Any sympathy out there?
Has travel caused you injury?
Do you have a small issue always preying on your mind??

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