Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Take a trip for love

Is Valentine's Day an overblown hallmark event to buy cards, presents and spend a week's wages on a dinner for two? Yes.

But the idea of taking one day in the year to tell those who mean the most to you how much you love them is beautiful. So take the time out to say how you feel and do be romantic. But romance doe not mean spending a fortune on red hearts and it is not about showing off your love in front of others at a swanky restaurant.

Instead, today take the time to plan a romantic day, weekend or holiday. Planning something romantic is a perfect way to spend quality time together, have something special to look forward to and get away with your special someone.

Need some inspiration for a romantic trip?


Glencar Waterfall, Co Leitrim
Glencar Waterfall, Co Leitrim
Ever heard of it? Want to know what it is all about? Take your romantic ass there, marvel at nature
and be inspired as the great Irish poet WB Yeats was. (Print off 'The Stolen Child')
Romantic tick, poetic tick tick.

Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare
Why the cliffs? You are on the edge of Ireland the next land mass is America. Feel the breeze – hold on tight to your loved on and make some beautiful declarations! Ladies bring some hair spray and maybe a raincoat.

Carrauntoohil, Co Kerry
Yep, the mountain. The highest peak in Ireland. Climb past deep mountain lakes, along ice-carved ridges until you reach the breathtaking summit. If your partner is still with you (maybe stay together on the way up) take a look around the legendary landscape and pledge your allegiance to Ireland and to (insert name here).


Paris, France
You cannot bypass Paris. It is the most romantic city in the world. It is beautiful, the buildings, the landmarks, the language (if they are not shouting at you!) Eat a baguette and cheese, climb to the top
Fiji island
of the Effie Tower and say “J'Adore.”

Venice, Italy
Smelly, yes. Dirty, yes. Wet, yes.
Still romantic. A mid night stroll, a gondola ride, share a pizza or pasta and sip some chianti. Bliss.

Fiji islands
Get away, really far away. Stop off at the beautiful and romantic Bounty/ Love Island, or just keep going – until you reach the last island. Then relax and tell your partner “if I was on a deserted island all I would want is you ...”

You are Welcome – now go forth and love!

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