Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Better than the real thing

Sometimes the lead up to an event is better than the actual occasion, the excitement, preparation, the day dreams, the factor of the unknown.

But this year I am not going to let this happen – I want my holiday to be so much better than anything I could imagine, so I have stopped – stopped googling, reading reviews, staring at beautiful digitally enhanced photos, slumping over the itinerary for hours ...

A hectic work life situation has played a huge part in this, but just as I started to panic last week that I have not done enough for my impending trip, I stopped and thought “No.”
This year it will be different, this year I will go on a relaxing holiday, I will go with the flow, chill, unwind and untimely enjoy myself.

Of course I am keeping an eye on the world news for my holiday destinations, especially Israel which is hotting up just in time for my arrival. But that is it.
I do not know what one Israeli Shekel can get me, I have no idea what the Dead Sea looks like, the hotels in Istanbul could have blown up by now and haven't a notion what kind of people will be on the cruise ship.

Israel currency
This year I want to be surprised, I don't want to compare photos of the Athens Acropolis to pictures online and I will be open to all suggestions for things to see and do.

Usually I know my destination inside out, I have a definitive list of things that I must see and do, I know exactly how much the taxi will cost from the airport to the hotel, and in all the planning I usually forget to relax (unless I have a specific time allowed for such!).

Obviously I have an idea of some of the things to see and do, we even have some tours booked for Israel, but for the majority of the days there is no schedule, no plan of action, no timescale ...
(As I write this I am starting to imagine mayhem ...)

Day dreams of sunbathing on a cruise liner are helping me get through the dreary busy work hours, but these are general images, nothing specific because when I get there I want to be wowed.

The week before is exciting, but it will not be the best part of my epic holiday.
Have you been let down after an unbelievable lead up?

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