Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blaming the recession

I hate this recession, it is ruining everything, I can't do what I want, go where I want to or indeed be who I want to be. This is how I feel, but is it exactly true or is the recession a great and plausible excuse to hide behind?

I am terribly unhappy in my job, I dread Sunday evenings when my mind panics about what Monday will bring. I am stressed and feel there is nothing I can do to make life easier at work.
Just recently I realised what my perfect job is, I said it and everyone agreed. Imagining myself in this role makes me smile and although there may be a large work load I really couldn't see myself being unhappy in this job.
So I should just go do it, right?
Well there are some obstacles.
  1. I need to do a Masters, in a city away from my home (where I live with my boyfriend).
    After recently paying off my car loan, I have no money, I am currently renovating a house with my boyfriend which means there are no savings. So If I don't get a grant to cover course fees I just cant so it. I also need to live in the expensive city for one year.
  2. I need to quit my job. Ireland is in the midst of the worst economic depression ever to hit and I will have to give up my job to go to college. I need to live without a job for over a year and the prospects of getting a job straight out of college is very doubtful.
  3. To get accepted into the Masters I need to have 6 weeks work experience finished before the course starts in September. Work experience positions are very difficult to come by.
These are the main obstacles, but I also must consider becoming a weekend girl friend again, the prospect of no holidays or trips away and of course returning to study once again.
Even if I do all this there is no small guarantee I will get a job in this area anytime soon after leaving college. I know that I would not cope well being unemployed.
My boyfriend, friends and people who know me well are urging me to go do this and not to sit in a job I don't like just because of the recession. If I don't so this, will I regret not making the move in ten years time?
Can I hide behind the cloak of the recession and blame it, when realistically I am scared of making such a big move and the risk that it could all go wrong?

Decisions, Decisions

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. ~Elbert Hubbard, The Note Book, 1927

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