Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A little bit of Hollywood at home

The Stlye Icons Museum at Newbridge Silverware, Co Kildare was exactly the glamour I was looking for.
Upstairs in the Newbridge Jewelery showroom you can glare at the dresses, photos and memorabilia of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly while also take interest in Michael Jackson's famous glove and clothes, Michael Flately's colourful and jewel encrusted dancing costumes and a wardrobe of Beatles stage suits amongst others.
Well designed, great info, headphones to listen to stories and sparkling glamour accompany your journey around the museum. Amusingly they have Tipi Hedren 's costume from the scary as hell Hitchcok's The Birds (you can even see drops of blood and tears on the unforgettable green two piece).
You could spend at least an hour upstairs (I would advise to leave your male companion at home) before you even wander downstairs to ogle at the beautiful jewelery, silverware and ornaments. I especially enjoyed the antiques collection when I visited last month.
What is the best thing about the museum and showroom at Newbridge? It is entirely free. Hollywood in Ireland for free – it is simply fabulous!
Downstairs I would recommend spending a few Euro in the cafe or indeed indulging in some pieces of silver to remember your visit. I am again delighted to mention that when I visited I felt no obligation to purchase anything, the sales people were friendly and delightful but never over achieving.
Newbridge itself is quite an up and coming town with shops and boutiques galore. With Mother's Day fast approaching this would make an ideal day away with mum, sister or the girls, but probably not the boys as are sure to ruin the fantasy Newbridge have worked so hard to achieve.

I stayed at the Westgrove Hotel, Clane when I visited Newbridge Jewelery. It is a wonderfully spacious hotel with large comfortable and modern rooms, a delightful spa and a nice pool.
I also dined here and really enjoyed the funky restaurant, while the food was certainly tasty and creative.


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  2. Nice blog post!!! I am totally agreed with your view that there are lots of Newbridge Silver Jewellery showrooms in the whole Ireland and the sales person was forthcoming and wonderful in their nature.

  3. @Ryan thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Newbridge Jewellery - it sure is one of Ireland's 'gems!'