Monday, 22 November 2010

Walking pretty

I'm delighted with my 8 out of 10 score in The World's Most Walkable Cities Slideshow at Frommer's
And I Agree with their list 100%:

Florence - beautiful
Paris - a romantic delight
New York - visionary overload
Munich - Especially around Christmas
Edinburgh- chilly in Winter but historically perfect
Boston- Tidy city with plenty to cheers about! - get it?!
Melbourne - Unforgettable my favourite place in the world
Sydney- Well it is a must sand and opera

Dubrovnik, Croatia and Vancouver, British Columbia are on their list but as I have not been there I can't quite concur

So I want to add Dublin and London to my top walkable cities.
Both have history, modernity and fun things to look at - and you are bound to meet some very interesting people on your walks too.

These walks are good for your heart in every way - quickly, get your boots on!

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