Saturday, 23 October 2010

Here and Now

I love this time of year, Autumn is a picture perfect season.
I am one of those strange people, who like the dark evenings, the frost mornings and cold afternoons. As the leaves turn beautiful colours and fall elegantly to the ground, the air gets a lovely sharp cold and there is nothing better than a walk up a country lane, mountainside or marshy bog with a number of layers on, a woolly hat, scarf and coat with a sheep dog by your side.
Hot stew, soup and tea cuddled up on a couch with someone else - you really cant beat that! It maybe because I am pale with freckles and red hair and this time of year suits me (also my birthday is in October!) or because I'm a lazy cat who loves sleeping and cuddles and ... movie marathons!
I have just finished carving my first pumpkin and although I am not a huge Halloween fan, because it was an event I didn't really celebrate in my childhood, I think it has huge potential. Take away the Americanisation of the festivities I think Ireland should embrace Halloween and celebrate it in it's own unique way - focusing on our very real traditions with the All Hallows Eve. I love the idea of the Virginia Pumpkin Festival in Co Cavan. Fair play to them for doing something fun and different. Imelda May plays there this year - put it on your list of places to be spooked this year!

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